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Trixie Flower Tower Strategy Game

Trixie Flower Tower Strategy Game

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Flower Tower – strategy game for professional sniffers

"Flower Tower" is a dog activity toy for particularly bright minds, which also strengthens the bond between dog and owner. The play tower offers sniffing fun with six cones as well as different levels, recesses and sliding lids, so that your four-legged friend can really exercise her mind. The goal is to teach her how and in what order she has to push and knock over the individual elements to get the rewards. If you want to give your furry friend a special challenge, you can increase the difficulty of the game by using the cones as stoppers.

By the way, you will find lots of helpful tips for optimal training in the enclosed instructions. And do not forget: To ensure that your dog gets the most out of this intelligence toy for as long as possible, you should clean it regularly in the dishwasher.

Challenging your dog's mind and nose: strategy and intelligence toys for dogs

What are strategy games and their benefits?

Strategy games are a great way to keep your dog busy and entertained in everyday life. By encouraging the pet to solve problems and complete specific tasks, it keeps her mentally occupied and stimulated. Brainwork improves her intelligence and concentration, and finding treats also relieves stress and boosts self-confidence.

Intelligence games can also help prevent behavioural problems: Dogs that are busy are less inclined to show destructive behaviour out of boredom. Another plus point is that the joint activity improves your relationship with your four-legged friend and strengthens the bond between you. And by spending time together and trying something new, there's no shortage of fun as well.

What should I look for when choosing a toy?

In principle, intelligence toys are suitable for all dogs, but there are a few aspects to consider: The toy should fit the weight and size of your dog, so if you have a rather small dog, you should use appropriate games with smaller cones, indentations and the like.

Safety is another important point: make sure that the toy does not pose a risk of injury to your four-legged friend and that she cannot accidentally swallow small parts. If your dog slobbers a lot, it's also worth choosing toys that are easy to clean - the plastic strategy games in our range are almost all dishwasher suitable. Also, don't leave your dog alone with the toy and help him if he gets stuck with a task. This prevents frustration and strengthens the bond between you.

You should also consider your dog's abilities and choose a difficulty level that suits her. Our strategy games come in three levels of difficulty, from easy to medium to hard, so that every pet can play. Last but not least, the game should meet your dog's preferences of course.

Trixie flower tower :
  •  play tower with 6 cones as well as various levels, indentations, and sliders
  •  non-slip due to rubber base ring
  •  plastic
  •  incl. training instructions
  • Measurements: ø 30 × 13 cm
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