The Subscription Box For Dogs That’s Full Of Surprises!

Never be stuck for enrichment ideas again. 

You want your dog to be more than just physically well cared for, you want them to be mentally and emotionally buoyant too! 


Canine enrichment is a brilliant way to relieve your dog from boredom and to keep them
mentally and physically satisfied. 


Dogs are neophiliacs, which means they absolutely adore exploring and trying new things.
Even more cautious or anxious dogs benefit from engaging in novel activities in the comfort of their own home, it can drastically improve their confidence! 


At the Cognitive Canine Company, we make it easy for you to discover new brain-boosting activities that will make your dog’s day happier and more fulfilled. 


Monthly treats, toys and canine enrichment ideas to your door.

Your Canine Brain Box Maker!

Hi, I’m Laura!

I share my life with two glorious hounds who each have their own little foibles and fascinations. What they both have in common is a deep enjoyment of getting stuck into trying new enrichment activities (and treats!)


I have a degree in animal science and have always had a strong interest in nutrition & behaviour. Through combining enrichment activities with healthy, natural dog treats we deliver a dog subscription box that simplifies adding enriching activities to your dog’s day. 


The benefits of canine enrichment are vast. Whether you have a timid or nervous dog
who finds the world a bit much, or you have a more energetic dog who struggles to relax, enrichment is a sure-fire path to greater contentment. 

  • Stress-Reducing

  • Confidence-Boosting

  • Boredom-Busting

  • Calm-Inducing

The Cognitive Canine Company are always so kind and helpful. The content of not only the brain box but the online portal and Facebook group with enrichment ideas and training make it excellent value for money.  Me and my  dogs really love it and I love that it's a surprise each month

I'm so thrilled I signed up!

Jayne O’Neil

What makes us different from other subscription boxes?

Our subscription boxes for dogs are just one part of the equation. Inside each box, you’ll receive a handy guide packed with ideas for how to use your new enrichment toys PLUS access to an online portal AND a free Facebook group. 


We’re here to help you easily add enriching activities to your dog’s days with all the human support you need to answer questions and keep you brimming with ideas to make enrichment easy.


Through your subscription, you’ll discover different enrichment toys and brands that you may not find on the high street. Each box comes complete with natural treats or chews that you can use with your new enrichment toys, so that when your box arrives you have everything you need, ready to go!


Your box is tailored to your dog! When you sign up, we’ll ask you all about your dog so we can adapt to any dietary needs or allergies and we offer tough toy options for those strong chewers!

In addition to our subscription boxes we run The Canine Treat Club & Cognitive Canine Store, a place where you can find an amazing range of treats and toys for your beloved pooch