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Trainers Pouch - Pocket Size

Trainers Pouch - Pocket Size

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The trainers pouch is by far the best treat pouch on the market and whether you are training dogs, cats, horses or other species. Timing is crucial during training to ensure we are positively reinforcing the behaviour we want so being able to access the treats in the pouch quickly and easily is the holy grail of dog training.

Some other reasons why we love the trainers pouch:

- Its non-porous and doesn't absorb odour or promote mould growth

-  Treats dont fall out when you bend over 

- Suitable for all food types even raw

- Dishwasher safe (top shelf)

- Flexible design allows you to flip it inside out to clean

- Can clip more than one pouch onto belt at time which is useful f you do lots of training and like to use your right and left hands to reward your dog of if you are practicing training requiring both low and high value treats and want to keep the treats separate 

- The belt is also fantastic and highly adjustable and should fit everyone although you can also use the pouch on your own belt if you prefer

- Comes in a selection of awesome colours so if you want to match your outfits now you can 

We do a lot of training and one of the biggest challenges for owners and trainers is timing so having a treat pouch that can allow you to refine your cues and mark exactly when you want is an absolute game changer

You can also fit a buggy in there or tennis ball if your dog is more motivated by toys/play


Pocket size is approx 13cm L x 8cm H x 6cm D

Original Pouch is approx 15cm L x 12cm H x 7cm D

Each pouch comes with a 130cm belt



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