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The perfect alternative to a kong for dogs that can get easily bored or frustrated

The West Paw Toppl is an award winning durable puzzle toy designed to be filled with your dogs favourite food or treats. The Toppl can also be stuffed like a Kong Classic (fill with raw, wet or dry food) many dogs prefer a toppl over a Kong as many dogs get frustrated with the Kong Classic as they struggle to reach all the contents causing them to lose interest

The Toppl is absolutely loved by ALL dogs as it has a large contoured cavity with “teeth” which grasp the food creating a rewarding yet challenging treat for dogs providing hours of fun. You can create a more challenging treat dispenser by interlocking a small and large toppl together (available separately)

Why we love Toppl’s:-

Suitable for all types of dog food (raw dog food & wet & dry dog food)

Contoured cavity/design provides hours of fun and allows your dog to reach all the contents

Canine enrichment puzzle dog suitable for moderate chewers who love a challenge

Feeding beyond the bowl and offering your dogs meals in new and creative ways has been shown to provide mental stimulation for dogs

Stuff your toppl with your dogs favourite food or treats

Freezer safe & freezing the contents create a longer lasting treat

Canine enrichment is great way to promote calm behaviour, alleviate boredom, reduce stress and anxiety

Enrichment for your dog and keeps them quietly occupied

Minimal cleaning required as your dog will manage to reach all the contents

Dishwasher safe

Durable dog toy (whilst hard wearing this is not indestructible so we recommend removing after use if your dog has a tendency to chew)

For a more demanding challenge interlock the small and large toppl (available separately)

Available in 2 sizes (SMALL & LARGE) and 3 colours (AQUA, TANGERINE, APPLE)

Backed by the LOVEIT west paws guarantee

Enrichment promotes mental and physical activity
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