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The Lickimat Original is suitable for cats & dogs of all ages and sizes. Lickimat is a feeding bowl replacement designed to relieve boredom, promote slower eating, and improve oral health by encouraging your pet to lick every last morsel from it. the action of repetitive licking releases calming endorphins & extra saliva production helps keep your pets teeth, gums, and tongue healthy. It also means more digestive enzymes are released , helping your dog digest their meal

Advantages of using a LickiMat:-

  1. Promotes calm behaviour and can help during stressful times like home alone, storms & separation anxiety

  2. Repetitive licking is soothing for your dog

  3. Reduces anxiety and boredom in dogs

  4. Slows down feeding, makes meal times last longer

  5. Excellent distraction, great for dogs that worry about visits to vets and groomers

  6. Fun, providing mental and physical stimulation

  7. Improves oral health by scraping away bacteria & and removing food particles from the tongue

  8. Increased saliva produced improves digestion

  9. Makes treats & food go further, can be really useful for dogs on diets

  10. Dishwasher & microwave safe

  11. Non slip backing to prevent it slipping during meal times

The LickiMat comes in various shapes and sizes to appeal to all your four-legged friends. Made from non-toxic food grade materials a

Some of our favourite toppings:

  1. Banana & peanut butter

  2. JR pate

  3. Yogurt & blueberries

  4. Cream cheese

  5. Your dogs raw food minces

  6. Kibble, soaked until mush and spread over

  7. Crumble kibble and spinkle over a wet lickimat

  8. Your dogs favourite wet food

Which Lickimat to choose?

  1. LickiMat Soother Original

    • Perfect for puppies, small, medium & large sized dogs (Large dogs check out our large range too!)

    • Ideal for liquid type treats like yogurt, peanut butter, gravy

  2. LickiMat Playdate Original

    • Suitable for puppies, small & medium sized dogs (Large dogs check out our large range too!)

    • Best for chunkier mush type food like raw minces, soaked kibble

  3. LickiMat Buddy Original

    • Ideal for puppies, small, medium & large sized dogs (Large dogs check out our large range too!)

    • Works well with small kibble, Raw food and sticky treats

We also stock Lickimat Wobble, Splash, Large lickimats & tuff series for puppies & dogs that have a tendency to chew!

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