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Acme have created a complete range of dog training whistles which have different pitches and tones. This allows you to find a sound frequency that works best for you and your dog, we have worked with Acme to select the ideal starting whistle.

Generally, obedience / close work that isn’t going to end up as a longer recall is well suited to a 210.5 so its the perfect starter whistle and i recommend getting a couple of different whistles (i personally have a 210.5 which i predominantly use and a 211.5 on my lanyard also as a backup whistle for longer recalls or when weather conditions aren’t great)

We choose to stock acme whistles because:

– Come in a range of pitches and tones

– Consistent which is really important 

– Each whistle is numbered to allow you to replace should you need to

– Robust

– Well priced

– Come in a great range of colours

We think every dog owner should have a whistle in their training toolkit

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