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Natural Dog Treat All Ears Box

Natural Dog Treat All Ears Box

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Introducing our Pawsome All Ears Natural Selection Treat Box – a delightful assortment of air-dried ears that will have your dog's tail wagging with joy! Crafted with love and care, our treat box is specially curated to provide your canine companion with a lip-smacking experience that satisfies their natural cravings.

🐾 Premium Quality Ingredients: We believe in the best for your best friend. Our treat box features a natural selection of high-quality, air-dried ears sourced with utmost care. These treats are free from artificial additives, preservatives, and fillers, ensuring a wholesome snack for your beloved pup.

🐾 Irresistible Flavour Variety: Dogs love variety, and our treat box delivers just that! From savoury beef ears to tantalizing deer and lamb options, each treat is bursting with rich, natural flavours that will keep your pup coming back for more. Watch as their eyes light up with excitement at the sheer anticipation of these mouth-watering delights.

🐾 Dental Health Benefits: Not only are these treats a scrumptious delight for your dog, but they also contribute to their dental health. The act of chewing on these air-dried ears helps reduce plaque and tartar build-up, promoting healthy gums and teeth. It's a tasty way to support your pup's oral hygiene.

🐾 Handpicked for Happiness: Every treat in our Natural Selection Treat Box undergoes a meticulous selection process. We ensure that only the finest, air-dried ears make it into each box, providing your dog with a premium snacking experience that reflects the love and care you have for your four-legged friend.

🐾 Convenient and Safe: Packaged with convenience in mind, our treat box is easy to store and keeps the treats fresh. The resealable packaging preserves the natural goodness of the air-dried ears, allowing your pup to enjoy a delectable treat whenever their heart desires.

Spoil your dog because they deserve nothing but the best. Treat them to a world of flavour, quality, and tail-wagging happiness with each delightful bite!


1 x Pigs Ears Grade A
1 x Buffalo Ear
2 x Rabbit Ears
2 x Furry Rabbit Ears
1 x Furry Deer Ear
2 x Furry Lamb Ear
1 x Furry Cow Ear

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